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Website Redesign

If your website is out of date and no longer working the way you need it to - then website redesign is the answer. Websites need continuous refinement and improvement, just browse around the Internet for a few minutes and you will discover numerous websites that are looking old and obsolete. There are many reasons for redesigning your website. Some are obvious and some are not so obvious.

If your visitors' goals - and your business objetives - are not the focus of your website, it's time to think about a redesign, feel free to send an quote request.


Stay ahead of your competition : The web makes it easy for people to find information about your company and services at the click of a button. The down side is that this holds true for your competitors as well.

It's important for your website to make an impact and stay ahead. Surfers are an impatient and fickle lot and usually make up their mind about a site in a few seconds. Your website needs to out-do your competition or you'll face losing valuable clients. Spend a bit of time looking at your competition; analysing competitor's sites is one of the most important parts of the redesign process. How does your website compare to theirs? If they are 'better' than yours it's definitely time for a redesign.

A timely redesign could enable you to steal a march on your competitors rather than waiting for them to redesign and then having to play catch-up.

The design does not reflect your brand or the aspirations of your clients : When people visit your site, they see it as a reflection of your company. If your site looks professional and is full of helpful content they will see you as professional and helpful. Likewise, if the site looks amateur and out-of-date they'll make the same assumptions about you. This is why it's so important for your site to reflect the identity and ideals (brand) of your company. But your site shouldn't just reflect how you wish to be seen, it's important that it also reflects the ideals and aspirations of your clients.

A site that reflects where you're heading, not where you've been : Your website should be a reflection of where you are now and where you are heading, not where you have just been. After all wouldn't you prefer to do business with somebody who is looking to the future rather than being stuck in the past? feel free to send an quote request.

You want to update the content yourself, to keep your site fresh : One of the best things about using the internet rather than traditional channels is the ability it gives to respond to market changes, new business opportunities or customer requirements. You don't have to wait until your current brochure run is used up before you make changes; you can simply update your site whenever you want.

Attract more visitors : A site redesign can help you attract more visitors in a number of ways. Building search engine 'findability' into a new site is much more effective than trying to increase your findability once a site has been built. Your site also needs to offer visitors useful information that helps them to revisit and achieve their goals.

Increase your turnover, get prospects to convert, shoppers to buy : The first step is to set some goals and success criteria for your site. What exactly are you trying to achieve and how will you know how when you've achieved it? Who are your users, what do you want them to do and what do they want to do?

Make the site easier to use, help clients find what they (and you) want : Site designers and site owners sometimes fail to see these problems because they are so familiar with the site design, content and navigation. Other times it's simply down to a lack of planning and bad design.Whatever the reason, a site redesign will enable you to listen to your users, find out what helps them (and what frustrates them) and build a site that is easier to use with a site navigation and thus more effective.

Make the content more relevant : Relevant content does not mean just repurposing old brochures, leaflets and adverts. It means providing content that is interesting and useful to your site users while supporting your core goals, feel free to send an quote request.



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